About us

Born and bought up in Delhi, SAURABH JAIDKA (San'D) had an inclination towards music since his childhood. His rendezvous with drums in schooldays later on helped him to take up music as profession. He started DJing by spinning at small parties for his friends and soon he gained popularity in Delhi clubbing circuit. His ardent passion for music is evident in the style of music he plays and also the intensity of which can be felt on the dance floor. And after playing almost at all popular clubs across Delhi he got into production as well. His further plans are to explore different genres of Electronic Music.

He has a gifted charm and art to control the grooves of the crowd; he influenced each and every individual who was present at the time of his retention.

Initially rising and broadening his horizons, he rose to popularity in the Delhi clubbing centre, and playing almost at all popular parties across Delhi.

Genre : Trap, Bigroom, Progressive House, Deephouse, Psytrance-Psychadelic.